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The increasing use of the internet for data exchange and collaboration in the Industries requires state-of-the-art security means. The mendelson CA offers the necessary Digital Certificates for data exchange, document and email signing & encryption and internet application protection.Certificates issued by mendelson CA are ensure security and interoperability with your business partners.

Our product

If you look around it seems that trusting a key is a very complex process. You will find a lot of products with very confusing names and purposes, e.g. web server authentication, signature purpose and others.

Keys trusted by mendelson CA could be used for any known purpose.

We are offering a solid product for a decent price that will fit all your needs.

One key fits all

Ready for EDIINT AS2 (with SSL/TLS support)
Ready for OFTP2 (with SSL/TLS support)
Ready for EDI transmissions (with SSL/TLS support)
Sign messages, mails, data, code
Decrypt/encrypt data
SSL/TLS for any data connection

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