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A Certificate Sign Request (CSR) provides a unique identity for your certificate whilst the private keys remain on your local machine. The mendelson CA will be never aware of your private key duing this process

How does it work?

First you have to create a private key in your application (e.g. the mendelson AS2 server or the mendelson OFTP2 server). This private key should be kept secret - never give it to a third party. From this private key you have to export a CSR (certificate sign request). At the bottom of this side there is a text area where you should paste the contents of your CSR (certificate sign request) into.
The mendelson CA will sign this request and send an answer to the mail that is included in the CSR. Afterwards you have to take the answer and use it to patch you private key - it will be trusted by the mendelson CA now.

CSR requirements

The mendelson CA will sign you request if your private key meets the following requirements:

The price for the trusted key is only 180 EUR (not including VAT), to pay via PayPal in the following process. It is valid for 365 days and could be renewed afterwards. To obtain a certificate with longer validity please contact the mendelson CA customer service.

Please paste the CSR into the text box below and then press the 'Next' button.

If you have any question regarding this process please contact the mendelson CA customer service.

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